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The 2007 Dinghy Show
    This year's show at Alexandra Palace was held on 3rd & 4th March. As usual the SigneT Class Owners Association had a stand to promote the boat and class. Keith Hatton's boat ST858 'The Saint' was chosen for display having just completed a back to the woodwork paint and varnish refurb, inside and out.
    The stand was erected and the boat rigged on Friday afternoon. This was closely followed by a quick dash around the North Circular to get home before the rush hour started. Getting caught in the rush hour on the NS is pretty near the top of my 'not recommended' list.
    The show was all hustle-bustle. Dame Ellen MacArthur gave an interview and went walkabout. There were the usual stands, competitions and teach-ins. The bacon butties were up to standard and the beer was cold.
   Sunday night arrived in no time at all and another dinghy show was over. As Alexandra Palace faded in the rear view mirror I mused as to whether, vis-á-vis the cost, if it was all worth it. Cost is increasing at 10 to 30% per year, over £520 this year which is double what it was in 2001.
    The answer I suppose is witnessed by those classes that did give up, and subsequently died. Hey Ho! Time to start thinking about the 2008 Dinghy Show, or shall I jack it in; I thought about that last year too.
Mike (The SigneT Stand Manager) Baker