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     This year’s open weekend will be over the weekend of 12th & 13th May. It’s never too early to start talking about this because it’s a major annual recruitment event. We really need to introduce more youngsters to Aquarius and any ideas to this end would be gratefully received. I’ve already been in touch with station manager at Radio Jackie who has agreed to broadcast some publicity for us in the run up to the weekend. I will also have posters and fliers available in good time, plus newspaper adverts.
    What I need you guys to do is distribute this PR material in good time and talk to friends, neighbours and family about the weekend. Encourage them to come down and bring their friends. Posters and hand outs should be put in your local shops, schools, libraries and anywhere else that you can think of. Scout, Sea Scout and Guide groups in your areas should specifically be targeted. Let’s see if we can get a record number of people down to the club (and afloat) this year.
Mike (Publicity Mgr.) Baker