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The Bosun's Store
    It used to lean drunkenly against the clubhouse and was full of things that 'might be useful one day' but never were. Finding anything in it was a nightmare and it had become an absolute shambles. It was of course our Bosun's Store.
    Then mid January Bodgitt & Son set about its refurbishment and replacement of the foundations. A good percentage of its contents went straight to the tip.
    Concrete pads were set under each corner of the building with steel legs set into the forward pads and cemented in. A cross beam was bolted across the top of the legs. “I” beams were passed over the cross beam and under the building from front to back. Using these beams the building was then jacked up and slid forward approximately 20 inches. The actual support beams were then slid in to rest on the rear concrete pads and welded to the front cross beam. The building was then lowered onto its new foundation.

Restored and moved Bosun Store.
Note the old step position
compared to the new door position
    The store was diagonally strapped and tightened to pull the structure upright. Held like this, the interior was then panelled out with plywood so the building could not revert to its usual leaning posture. The upstream end was repaired and strengthened together with a reinforced door. A bulkhead light was also installed to illuminate the door area. The front of the store, below floor level was panelled in.
    The next job was to reposition the entry steps and erect a guard rail around the open river end. This involved a lot of welding and concrete work. While this was going on new shiplap was applied to the front exterior to bridge the gap between the existing building and the bottom panelling which covers the new steelwork. Bryan Clements is now working on reinstalling the work bench and Nigel's carefully monitoring everything that goes back into our Bosun's store to ensure it never reverts to the 'hell-hole" it once was.
Mike (Over Easy) Baker
Bosun Store moved