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    This year's dinner was held on Saturday 18 November in the clubhouse. Although Turkey was on the menu this year, these dinners have never been intended as Christmas Dinners. They are semi formal and a number of dinner jackets and 'posh frocks' are always to be seen. The evening is professionally catered and this year was handled by Sandra Watson and her company "Food for Thought".
    Some 48 persons sat down at 8:00pm having been welcomed and well watered at the bar by Nigel and Rodger. From memory I think there were three or four choices of starters, main course and desert so there was plenty of variety to suit all tastes. Red and white wine was also in plentiful supply on each table.

The Junior members didn’t have a ‘free lunch’ they were doing the serving
    This was followed by cheese and biscuits, coffee and mints during which Anne and Leo held a raffle for which prizes had been donated by members of the club's Management Committee. Nigel then made a short speech and presented Diana Carpenter with a bouquet of flowers by way of thanking her for organising the evening.
    I think it was intended that there would be dancing afterwards but everybody seemed very content to sit and chat. Time certainly flashed by and I think it was nearly 2:00am by the time my group finally got back to Epsom. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and many thanks go to everybody involved in its success.
Mike (Over Easy) Baker

Sparkling puddings