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AQSC Skittles Night - 22 July 2006
    This was the second year running that the skittles evening was held at The Grantley Arms pub in the village of Wonersh. Lyn's Badminton Club once again provided 'the opposition' although we had to lend them some players to equal things up a bit. People started arriving shortly after 6:00pm and by 7:00pm the skittles got underway.
    Alison kindly allowed herself to be talked into scoring again and we got a couple of games in before supper was served at 8:00pm. That seemed to go down well and lots of extra deserts got ordered.
Eric Bridgewater, Keith hatton, Mike Baker tucking in
    As soon as things were cleared away Alison started coming up with various novel ways to chuck balls down the skittles alley. Things progressively got out of hand ending up with Richard trying to bowl himself down the alley. Two or three more games were completed by the time we finished at around 11:00pm.
    So how did it work out? Well AQSC won the team prize. Liz Archer won the highest individual score. Roy Clough won the highest placed man and I scraped the prize for lowest individual score and instead awarded it to Alison for all her hard work organising the skittles and doing the scoring.
    The individual prizes were bottles of wine in support of Project Homerus and the team prizes were boxes of chocolates (no expense spared here). The evening seemed to go really well with everyone from both clubs really getting into the spirit of it all. One or two new comers seemed somewhat bewildered by the fact that there was no machine to reset the skittles and were heard muttering "it's not like ten pin bowling is it". No, it certainly isn't and long may it stay so.
Mike (The Strike …I wish) Baker