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Return of an Old Friend
    We were sailing the club patio watching the Bosuns trying to stay upright in 4 gusting 6 when an old member approached carrying a piece of wood with a hole in it. Not unusual around boats and sailing but this was special - the return of one of our Aquarius Mains trophies which had been missing since the eighties and had been unearthed in his sister's attic.
    There were three and they are probably fairly unique as sports trophies. They were made from sections of the original elm water pipes which formed the first water distribution network in London in the early 17th century (if you could afford it).
    The 12ft logs were bored through and jointed together and fed from the New River, a canal  which brought water from springs in the Hertfordshire hills to Clerkenwell. With the expansion of London over the previous centuries, clean water was always a problem.
    You could use the Fleet or the Westbourne but these were pretty much open sewers or directly from the Thames, give or take the odd dead animal, or wells of doubtful quality in your back yard. Some areas had communal pumps but one of these in the Strand  caused a Cholera epidemic which cost over 400 lives before it was shut down.
    The water from Hertfordshire was not treated in the way it is today but it was certainly vastly superior and cleaner than any available before. The idea of bringing fresh water from a distance was not new, even Henry VIII supplied Hampton Court Palace with water from the springs in Coombe
    We will leave Richard to work out who is going to keep the returned trophy polished in 2007 but in the meantime if anybody has any idea of where the third trophy we would love to have it back.