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Indian Buffet - Richard Cannon
    A few weeks earlier Richard had checked with the Riverside Indian Restaurant that they would be able to provide the food for the Quiz Night and he was surprised that it wouldn’t be a problem as they are always full on a Saturday night.
    It is difficult trying trying to judge numbers that are likely to come to social events that aren’t pre-booked, and the intention was to firm up on the numbers when we could see the number arriving.
    BUT when Richard went to the Riverside, at lunch time, with a list of dishes we would like there they couldn’t prepare them because it was Saturday night!!
     Tandoori dishes would be too difficult and they would need to know the number required well before members arrived. Richard told them it would be for a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 30 and asked them to suggest what they could supply.
    They suggested Chicken Madras, Chicken Korma, Chicken Kashmiri, Lamb Dupiza, Mixed Vegitable Curry, Sag Aloo, Pilau Rice and it would help if we supplied bowls; this earned us a 35% discount.
    Rodger Wheeler obtained Naan bread, Poppadoms, Chutney and Raitha from a super market. We provided 17 large bowls and which were all filled up; fortunately they would just fit in to the back of Diana Carpenter’s Volvo and we managed the journey back without spilling any.
    Richard had printed 30 tickets for members to buy and then got concerned if we would have enough food because all 30 were sold. There was an impressive display of food on the tables and we just had enough.
    I have eaten at the Riverside Indian Restaurant many time and have always had a very good value meal as the buffet was; I can recommend it.
    Stuart Schaffer did an excellent job washing up the bowls etc. at the end.