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Topper and Laser both good conditions.
Duckling, good condition but needs new sail.
420 needs some small work; very good sails.

    All offers considered,
    Ring Pat Halling 020 8979 5707

The Indian Quiz in progress

AQSC Autumn Quiz Night

    I'll say one thing for the Aquarius members they do like their quiz nights. The latest one on 14 October was Indian themed. Most questions were about the continent and its people. The buffet came from Richard's favourite Indian take away at Hampton.
    The last quiz was Chinese themed and from the feedback I got people thought it was really difficult.
    So why do I do these things? Probably because I'm asked to, so I make no apologies for the latest questions. I must say these kinds of quizzes aren't easy to come up with.
    Finding questions that people will have any chance of answering is challenging to say the least. If you don't believe me just put 'Indian Quiz' in your Internet search engine and try answering some of the questions it will come up with.
    Against some of those mine were positively easy. However I think that will be my last 'take-away' quiz. Having done Chinese and now Indian the thought of a Thai or Japanese based one fills me with horror.
Mike (www.take-awayquizzes.com) Baker