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First trip to Bewl Water - Hana Lunniss
    When my Dad and I returned midway through Sunday afternoon, less than a week after returning from a fortnight's water sports in Cornwall, I don't think my mum wanted to hear that we were only back from Aquarius to pick up straps so that we could put the club Pico onto our car in order to go sailing in Kent the next day. But, by the next morning we had convinced her and my brothers to get up at an unearthly hour and to pile into the car to set off for Bewl.
    When we arrived we were met by a sea of boats, many of which looked more like rocket ships than anything else. After an inspection of the club (which was very impressive) my Dad and I changed into our sailing gear and, after helping the Aquarius members who were racing with the last minute scramble to the start, set about launching the Pico.
    Dad had the first go and then it was my turn. Although the wind was not entirely steady, I had a good sail and I was very impressed with myself for not capsizing.
    At this point, my brothers dragged my mum off to the adventure playground where they got themselves extremely muddy and I got out the binoculars to watch Dad go sailing off towards the far bank of the reservoir, about half a mile away. Then, after a brief diversion spent helping Anna Iremonger (who had capsized and had decided to retire) get her laser out of the water, it was time to break for lunch and to eat our sandwiches, whilst watching others enjoy a very tasty looking hog roast.
    The wind had got up a lot for the afternoon's sailing, but we were undeterred and preceded to do battle with the Pico's jib. Once we had it up, Dad took the helm and I crouched up front to crew. The combination of the wind (which was stronger than anything else Dad or I'd sailed in before) and the jib saw us going alarmingly fast in places and I won't pretend that it wasn't more than a little scary.
    I cannot honestly believe that we managed to stay in the boat and I don't think anyone who saw how wet we were would believe it either.
    Whilst the racing continued, Dad took the jib down and took my brothers out  - much to Mum's general alarm. And then there was just time for me to have another quick go before we got the boat up and started the general task of packing up along with everyone else from Aquarius. It took much longer than unloading that morning.
    After a very nice meal in the Grasshopper - chosen for its vast car park - with everyone else from the club we finally set off home feeling rather cold and tired, but still having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. My seven-year old brother Dominic says I must include this quote from him and it sums up the day quite well, so "The play area was muddy, but awesome."