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Start of Season Party
    This year's party was held on Saturday 18 March. It was organised by Rodger and the entertainment was supplied by Le Sextet de I'Hot Club d'Aquarius. Dress was optional but French attire was encouraged to add a little appropriate atmosphere. The Italian decorations from the Venetian evening had been retained, somewhat confusing for a French themed evening … but what the heck! It certainly was very continental.
    The sextet was amazing and was comprised of Pat Halling on violin, Mike Leigh on keyboards, Dave Richmond on bass, Judd Proctor on guitar and Tony Kinsey on drums. Additionally Mandy Leigh was the vocalist. This was the largest musical ensemble ever put together at the club and I have to say probably the best. The first set began at approximately 8:30pm and it soon became obvious that this was going to be a very laid back affair with a lot of friendly banter between the musicians and the audience. Each member of the sextet, as well as contributing to the 'whole' had featured solo's which gave them the opportunity to put a personal spin on the piece being played.  Mandy's numbers were a great addition and she's sure to be asked to sing at the club again.
    Midway through the evening Diana, Janet and Linda served supper and I have to say I have never seen soup go so far; mostly down people's fronts, which was novel? This was a followed by a great selection of cheese, cold meats, breads etc. To finish there were a variety of deserts and Pete's excellent coffee.
    The second set got underway but amusingly became a bit chaotic as the musical scores either got out of order or were lost. It actually made little difference because those guys could have played without sheet music. The musical part of the evening ended with a vote of thanks to the sextet by both Pat and Nigel.
    Janet and Bob then organised the raffle which helped to offset the cost of the musicians. Thanks to everybody who contributed the raffle prizes, much appreciated. All-in-all a very enjoyable evening and a unique opportunity to be so close to some very talented musicians led by our own Pat (Grapelli) Halling.
    Mike (Tone Deaf) Baker