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Men & Motors V Gardener's World - Pat Irving
    I have a garden which I would describe as a controlled wildness. Nothing grows in neat rows except a small patch of runner beans. I mow the grass but it is not manicured and trees and shrubs are pruned as necessary for their own good and not just to be kept tidy or to grow in an unnatural way, or clipped within an inch of their life! Seeing a row of tulips or delphiniums standing straight like Grenadier Guards is not for me.
    So, on our AQSC outing I chose to go to the Kew Bridge Steam Museum instead of the posh bits at Kew Gardens and I loved every minute of it!
Working steam engine

One of the many  working steam engines
    When I was growing up we had no car so family holidays began with a train or boat journey. My father took me to see the steam engines - does that date me?! We went down in to the engine room on the ship too and all was explained to me and I have been interested in it all since then.
    The magnificent engines were working in turn, when one stopped another was started up and you could walk right round them and watch their minders adjusting valves and of course everything is in pristine condition - not as you would see them working originally, covered with oil and dust etc. I was amazed at how quiet they were, I remembered the noise of a ship's engine room but Richard, Mike and I could talk to each other and the mechanics without having to shout.
    The building itself is fascinating too and as the original pumping station it has been wonderfully adapted. Obviously the main accent is on water and there is a collection of washing machines, water heaters and loos - some really antique, along one huge wall. There is a hands-on educational section for the children - I had a go at some of those too. It is a very well set-out museum and well worth visiting.
    The pub for lunch beforehand was excellent. I had an ale steak pie made with Old Speckled Hen ale. It was a proper pie with proper pastry and full of meat... owzat!!