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Mid-Thames Trophy at Littleton SC - Alex Seaman
    Saturday 29th April, the day of the Mid Thames Trophy started well. Lightweight crew (28lbs and been sailing since Summer 2003) was up and bouncing around at a decidedly uncivilised hour unlike her brother who was still down with chickenpox.
    Richard Cannon having appealed for volunteers earlier in the week, things moved more rapidly than normal on the Saturday morning in two households not far from Littleton S.C.
    Before too long the one-time crew of ST 654 (anybody remember the ST Nationals at Parkstone in 1993?) arrived with his daughter, lightweight crew's friend Fiona.
    Armed with lunch and the chickenpox sufferer's life jacket (plus a fishing net and jam jar) a car-load arrived at Littleton to find that Richard was well into his time-honoured routine and putting in a very good performance in the first race.
    Completing the race in some style Richard's crew, Peter Carpenter volunteered to take a turn ashore and lightweight crew slotted herself back into the front of ST368, was reminded that she had already crewed in the boat and sent out for her first race.
    Dad retreated to a safe distance with one eye on the racing whilst the fishing net and jam jar were deployed by Fiona to the consternation of the local invertebrates.
    After the allotted time ST 368 completed the course, "only" 9th out of some 48 entrants. Lightweight crew had apparently chatted all the way round so perhaps Richard had been a little distracted...
    Over lunch, with Richard ashore, ST 368 was back on the water with Dad taking lightweight crew's friend out for her first sail in the sunshine and a pleasant 2-3,  enough to bring smiles to the faces at both ends of the boat.
    For the third race Richard was rejoined by Peter and the two girls were unleashed with the fishing net and jam jar around the edge of the lake, to the surprise of at least one local angler. Not sure how the racing went but two Dads had a lot of fun with two daughters paddling about, examining just about anything that moved (and quite a few things that didn't) in the warm clear shallow water on a beautiful sunny afternoon.
    And the feedback on the sailing, was it enjoyed? Lightweight crew expressed a desire to sail with her father next time - now to persuade her to repeat that in earshot of her Mother! We're still noncommittal on whether we really enjoy racing but plenty of time for that later.
    For now thank you very much indeed Richard and Peter Carpenter for the invitation and Littleton for the venue. Thanks also to the other Aquarius members (Graham Thompson and Rodger Wheeler in Graduate 2455, Nigel Knowles in Laser 35434 and Bryan Clements in Topper 20980) for taking part.
    Now how do we explain to the back seat that Starboard isn't an appropriate call when heading West on the M4 and another car approaches a little rapidly?