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Hampton Regatta 2006 - Charles Dennis
    Aquarius sent a strong contingent to the 'Handicap' class at Hampton Regatta on 24 and 25 June. Lasers now sail in the Handicap fleet.
As usual, we received a warm welcome and great hospitality from the hosts. Teas, lunches etc. were delicious and lots of fun.
    Sadly, though, most of us thought that the lack of wind was not quite as much fun! Many of Aquarius's sailors, and especially Richard, are stars in light wind - and Richard achieved a 4th in the second race. But this regatta was often 'no wind' rather than 'light' and in those conditions, the locals proved hard to beat.
    My satisfaction at a 4th in the first race and 3rd in the second race was somewhat tempered by a complaint about means of propulsion. Unjustifiable in my view (but then, I would say that, wouldn't I?) Anyone less than around 12 stone needs to keep their weight well forward when sailing a Laser. And oldies sometimes find that sitting in a Laser can be very hard on the knees.

HSC Regatta results

    Hampton Regatta results for AQSC entries

The easy solution in winds light enough not to need hiking out is to stand up well forward. Unfortunately, this leaves the bit of the boat left in the water shaped like a canoe - i.e. very unstable (as everyone who's been amused by my capsizes in Force 0 will have noticed!). The result is that the boat can appear to rock, even though the motion is not applied by muscle power. Deliberate rocking is illegal if it propels the boat, so after the complaint I dutifully sat down.
    Appearing to support the complaint, my results weren't as good in the next two races on Sunday - although I put that down to the effects of sailing whilst in pain! If you have a video camera, please video me if you see the 'rocking' as I'd like to assess the evidence. Does anyone know where I can get sailing kneepads?
    Despite the problems, the Aquarius contingent kept going steadily, maintaining consistent results with Brian and Rodger both gaining 6th places out of a field of over a dozen. Relief came in the last race with more wind, which Richard won! In the end, I was pleased to be second Laser overall, although there was no prize for that, I'm afraid. Actually, I just missed the prizes with a 4th overall, immediately followed by Richard at 5th.
    In summary, Hampton Regatta was a lot of fun despite the difficult conditions. Luckily, we managed to show strength at the end.