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The last working party of 2005 moved mountains. The first of 2006 was held on Saturday 11th March and picked up where the last one ended.
    While Bryan Clements re-proofed the exterior of the club, twenty or so people continued the job of clearing the river bank just beyond the overflow where the Lasers are berthed. The mountains of dead brambles made this highly labour intensive and very prickly work but, by the end of the afternoon, the team were on top of things and a large bonfire took care of the rest.
    Diana and Pat ensured that the workers were kept supplied with tea and coffee and a very tasty sausage casserole and rice at lunchtime.
    There was even time to drag the safety boat out on the lower slip and pressure wash the hull. All-in-all a good days work. That's not to say there isn't still plenty to do but that can wait until next time. The safety boat engine has already had its annual service and the immediate priority is to get the upper slip gratings replaced before the start of sailing on 26 March.
    17 March 2006 - Nigel had been up to merchants in Bow and purchased, on the club's behalf, four large sheets of steel walkway grating. He then brought them to the club on the 17th and Bodgit & Son set to work cutting the gratings to the right width and welding the sections together to form the launching ramps that have now been fitted. I have to say that the river water was a tad cold that day for this kind of work but it had to be done before the 26th. The bottom and top sections still have to be constructed and laid but we have all the material we need.
Mike (Scratches healing nicely) Baker