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AQSC Regatta & BBQ - 17 June
    There are at least two occasions during the Aquarius sailing season when you can guarantee the weather will play up. One is the Open Weekend and the other is the Regatta. 2006 has proved no different. On both occasions we have been treated to relative ‘drifters’ albeit that some people don’t mind these kind of conditions. The writer, obviously, does.
    The first race on Saturday was a ‘Fun Race’ scheduled for 11:30 but it was gone midday before it got away. Because of the wind conditions (East 0-1) a simple starboard hand oval course with an upstream start was set by George Bray for the 7 boats that took part. (Note: This turned out to be the only viable course and was used throughout the weekend).
    The second race on Saturday was ‘Regatta Trophy Race 1’ and started at 14:00 Again the conditions were very variable (East 0-1) and there were 11 entries. Notably Mike Baker & Bryan Clements retired frustrated by the lack of wind and Nigel Knowles managed to capsize.  
    Following tea the third race on Saturday was a ‘Fun Race’ and started at 15:45 Conditions were as before and there were 9 entries. Again Mike Baker retired and again Nigel Knowles capsized. Boredom was blamed for both events.

Regatta Results
    On Saturday evening the annual BBQ and Jazz Night was held. This attracted 70 members and guests; one of the best attendance we have had. The BBQ got underway at about 19:30 and the band played from 20:00 to 23:00
    Many thanks everybody who spent time in the local supermarkets ensuring we had everything to hand on the night and to Diana and her team for preparing and serving the food. To Roger for sterling work over the BBQ pit. Thanks also to Nigel for providing those rather spiffy gazebos, very up market! To Pete and his helpers who slaved away in the bar making sure that everybody had a full glass.
    Sunday proved to be a re-run of Saturday weather-wise. The wind (and I use that word advisably, because there hardly was any) started in the W (0-1) but was highly variable throughout the day.
    The first race on Sunday was ‘Regatta Trophy Race 2’ which started at 11:30 and for which there were 11 entries. The race notes record that Keith Hatton and Mike Baker retired in ‘total frustration’ … at the conditions it should be added.
    The second race on Sunday was the ‘Ladies/Novice Trophies Race’ which started at 13:30 for eligible but everyone could take part. There were 11 entries with 5 of those being eligible for the trophies (3 Ladies and 2 Novices) During the race M.Cordwell capsized twice, one of which was right on the line. 
    The third race on Sunday was the ‘Regatta Trophy Race 3’ which started at 14:45, again 11 boats entered for this. Once again Mike Baker dropped out because of the extremely light airs.
    The overall winner of the Regatta Trophy was Pat Halling. He and Charles Dennis tied on points but Pat edged it because Charles didn’t take part in the last race. 15 different helms competed in the 2006 regatta, 2 more than last year.
    Following the last race Roger and Nigel organised some water based fun and games. The first consisted of two teams racing a pair of Lasers from the bank around a buoy and back to the bank to pick up another crew member. 5 or 6 crews to each boat were lined up. The second activity is a regular. How many people can you get on a Laser? Last year was 15, this year was 13. That attempt ended with the Laser capsizing everybody into the drink. Has there ever been any other outcome?
    The day ended with a regatta tea with strawberries and cream. The strawberries were picked at Garson Farm by George & Joan Bray earlier in the day and were absolutely gorgeous. Many thanks to all the ladies who spent much of the afternoon preparing sandwiches and supplying a selection of cakes. The day just wouldn’t be the same without a really good regatta tea!
    I think the weekend was a great success, despite the weather. Much of that success was due to (a) good planning in the Management/Social Committees and (b) the commitment of individuals in preparing the club, booking the band and purchasing and preparing the food and drink needed over the whole weekend.
    We hope our newer members enjoyed the Regatta & BBQ but if there are any suggestions you feel might be helpful please feel free to contact a committee member.
Mike (Over Easy) Baker