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Aquarius at the Pantomime
    After last years take on Panto's which turned into something of a history lesson (sorry about that) this article will be short and sweet "Oh no it won't, Oh yes it will!" … see! It's starting again.
    This year The Club's regular band of 'Pantophiles' went to see Aladdin at Richmond Theatre. Simon Callow of Four Thingy's and a Wotsit fame starred as Ebanarzar while Christopher Biggins was Widow Twankey.
    If the thought of Mr. Biggins in a dress didn't float your boat Aladdin also starred Patsy Kensit as the Genies of both the Ring and the Lamp, depending on the colour of her dress. I never did find out who played Aladdin but I always thought principle boys should be played by girls; well there you go, another tradition gone to the wall.
     Simon Callow made a great tongue-in-cheek villain constantly erring into classical Shakespeare prose to great comical effect. Some of his interaction with the genie was hilarious. It was great entertainment and the audience really got into the spirit of it all, which after all, is what Panto's all about.
    Another Panto tradition, I managed, was to drop a whole box of chocolates on the floor and then step in them. Lyn said I did it on purpose because she'd eaten all the nutty ones. That's not true of course, it was the caramel ones! No doubt our dedicated little band of addicts will soon be twisting Diana's arm to book seats for next years Panto 'fix'.
    Mike (He's behind you!) Baker