Spring 2006
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Last Working Party of 2005
    This working party has held on 1 October and was primarily to finish up the grounds work, started at the last working party. The work was directed by young Bodgit (a.k.a. Nigel Knowles) who was the only one who seemed to know what was going on.
    Some twenty-five people turned up with an amazing array of power tools and vicious looking saws, machetes and croppers. While Team 1 cleaned up the driveway Team 2 started on the area behind the clubhouse. The old fencing was removed, trees thinned out and the ground cleared together with the rainwater gullies. A large bonfire was lit beyond the Bosun's store which burned all day.
    Team 3 meanwhile started along the top of the bank towards the car park. Again the old fencing was removed and the trees and shrubs trimmed and the telephone cable buried underground.
    While all this was going on Diana and Janet prepared a lunch of baked potatoes & chilli which was consumed as soon as it appeared on the tables. Ground work obviously makes people very hungry. It was great! I thought lunch might slow people down but, quite the opposite, they pitched back in again and were joined by others arriving for the afternoon shift.
    By the time I left the club the transformation along the bund, behind the club and up to the ramp, was remarkable. The roadway down to the blockhouse was fantastic; I've never seen it so clear along the curbs. The old place really looks pretty spiffy! My thanks to everybody who put in a remarkable day’s work, great job boys and girls!
    Mike (Over Easy) Baker