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Ferry Meadows 25Sep05
    Ferry Meadows is the last SigneT open of the year. Eight boats turned up at Neene Park, just outside Peterborough, to settle the outcome of the annual point's series. Aquarius was represented by Mike Stevens and his crew Robert with ST368 and Mike Baker and Keith Hatton with ST369. Other SigneTs came from Paxton Lakes SC, just down the A1 at St.Neot's while others came from the Midlands.
    Three races were run commencing at 11:00am. During the morning the SW wind strength was 2 gusting 3 but gradually increased as the day progressed. The course used a good portion of the lake and included a long spinnaker run from the second to third marks.
    The racing in this particular meeting was interesting. Instead of developing into a procession, based on experience, positions were constantly changing.
   All three races consisted of a beat to Mark 1(S), a short reach to Mark 2(S) and then a long run to Mark 3(S), a broad reach across to Mark 4(S) and back across to Mark 4(P), followed by a long beat back to the line and another lap.

    Total distance covered eachlap was about 1½ mile's and to make things really interesting there was a club race going on at the same time, plus several trainee sailors and wind surfers milling about to cope with.
    The sailing was fast and furious and Keith and I loved every minute of it.     Richard Cannon retained the senior point's series trophy, despite not even sailing at the last meeting. The final results of the Ferry Meadows open were as follows:-

Pos Pts No Helm Crew
1 2 ST368 M. Stevens R. Britton
2 4 ST369 M. Baker K. Hatton
3 5 ST414 M. Overs P. Overs
4 6 ST907 J. Cowern F. Cowern
5 10 ST199 S.Mann AN. Other
6 10 ST522 C. Whiteside S. Whiteside
7 11 ST919 S. Leeding J. Leeding
8 13 ST41 T. Field H. Whiteside

    Not a bad result for Aquarius boats and crews really.
    Mike (Over Easy) Baker