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Christmas and New Year
    Well, there goes another pair! I'm talking about Christmas and New Year 2005. Now perhaps things can get back to normal.
    No more shops with tacky decorations and continuous loop carols. No more jolly, snow laden, TV adverts. And no more traffic jams caused by frantic people trying to find Christmas of dubious suitability. Now don't get me wrong I love Christmas. What I don't like is all the commercial palaver that goes with it including sales on Boxing and New Years day.
    Father Christmas, who's he? Oh yes! It's me! On the topic of presents my son and daughters advice is "just give us the money Dad and we will spend it in the after-Christmas sales, that way you get more bang for your buck", or "if you must give us a present don't forget to enclose the receipt so we can take it back and get something we actually want or at very least get the right size". 
     Catering’s a nightmare! Are you the perfect hostess? It would seem that unless you bought everything that is 'not just food' but 'M&S food' you couldn't possibly be. Mind you the people at Park who want you to put so much away every month and will then supply you with a hamper of things you never knew you needed at Christmas, might disagree. At Christmas everyone you ever heard of is trying to flog their cook books (a thousand and one ways to ruin a turkey) or get you to by their Christmas CD.
    During December the country goes mad. People are suddenly overcome with an unexplained desire to festoon their houses with every electrical Christmas decoration ever devised. Neon Reindeer browse on the front lawns and plastic inflatable Santa's parachute from chimneys. House competes against house and road competes against road. The world’s gone crazy!
    Is it just me who thinks it or come Christmas do television schedulers take leave of their senses? If I have to sit through another re-run of 'The Great Escape' or' The Sound of Music' or a Morecombe & Wise Show made back in the year dot I think I'll go nuts. Programme schedulers must have a full frontal originality lobotomy as a prerequisite to getting their jobs.
    What I do like about Christmas is, despite their mobile phones continually ringing,, having my son and daughter to stay for a couple of days. They seem to enjoy themselves and, to date, have never expressed a desire to be anywhere else. They drink the cocktail cabinet dry, view anything to do with washing up as an alien concept, including loading or unloading the dishwasher. There's no hot water available from the time they arrive to the time they leave and wet towels are permanently festooned over the radiators. Their idea of Christmas decorations I suppose.
    They do however like silly board games, which I find quite amusing as I can't stand them, with the exception of Backgammon. But, Lyn and I do love having them to ourselves again, albeit just for a short time over Christmas. I guess we should count ourselves fortunate that they are still around and want to spend the holiday with us.
    Mike (Tongue in cheek grumpy old man) Baker