The first introdutory afternoon, module 1, was held on Saturday 9 May. I had been told perhaps 12 of our younger members would turn up but in the event 15 arrived with their parents for registration. I began to worry that we might have bitten off more than we could chew. After an initial presentation about the course content nearly everybody got afloat for some fun in perfect sailing conditions..

The first actual instruction day was 23 May; 13 of the 15 turned up and things got underway. Richard, Nigel, Tony and Rodger together with Bryan in the safety boat handled the 'afloat' instruction in our PIco's while Eric, George and I, with Joan in the galley, handled the 'ashore' instruction.

After each hour we rotated the groups so everybody received the same tuition. Each trainee was given a copy of the AQSC dinghy sailing manual and a personal log to record their progress

The day ended with a capsize recovery demo after which each trainee was required to go out and capsize/recover a Pico for themselves. There was very little wind for sailing but they had great fun capsizing.

The afternoon shot by and we over-ran at the end but everybody seemed pleased with the day. There are three more 'modules' for our trainees to complete after which, hopefully, they will be presented with their sailing proficiency certificates during the AQSC Summer Regatta.

If you would like to see a video DVD of the activities on 23 May contact Richard on 01932 786636

Mike Baker

Youth Sailing Instruction at AQSC Updated

Learning knots

Learning Knots

Learning capsize recovery

Learning Capsize Recovery