Bodgit & Associates are pleased to announce that the new upstream launching ramp is now ready for use.

The job was completed by newly recruited staff of the Marine Infrastructure Division and the Club would like to congratulate Ken Ayres, Gordon Courtney, Bryan Clements, Dave Jennings and Mike Baker on surviving the diet of coffee and donuts, and on coping with the conflicting instructions of Bryan and Bodgit Management!

Gordon gets the “employee of the week” award for spending a day half immersed in the river in a very leaky (i.e. non-) drysuit!

A detailed inspection of the old downstream ramp will be undertaken shortly and a plan to refurbish it will then be developed. It is recommended that the old ramp is not used meanwhile.

The old winch has been replaced by a lighter portable one mounted on a post.

Upstream Launching Ramp Updated 28Apr2011

The nesting swan didn’t help Nigel and Gordon working in the river Nearly complete

The nesting swan with egg didn’t help

Nearly complete

Nigel and Gordon working in the river