AQSC logoSCOA logoSigneT Open Meeting
At Aquarius Sailing Club On 4 Jul 2010

The event will take place on the River Thames at Aquarius Sailing Club, Sunnyside, Lower Sunbury Road, HAMPTON, TW12 2HQ. Club details, Directions, Multimap.

The race will be governed by the RYA Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012.

The Aquarius SC Sailing Instructions and Signet Class Owners Sailing Instructions will apply with SCOA taking precedence where there there is a conflict.

The event is open only to the Signet and Fleetwind Classes of dinghy.

There will be NOT an entry fee; note this is a change.

The Event is combined with the Aquarius Sailing Club Sunday racing with combined starts.

The results for AQSC members will count for both AQSC and SCOA results.

Three races will be sailed; start times will not be before 11:30, 14:00 and after all competitors have finished the second race. NOTE the AQSC Summer Race 3 will start with the SigneTs (ealier than the usual 15:30 start).

The best two races will count for the event.

All three races will count towards the SigneT Annual Points Trophies.

Tea and cakes will be served after the 3rd race.