Background To The Proposed Changes:-

1. Honorary Membership has existed at Aquarius for many years. It is awarded to members who, in the opinion of the Management Committee, have made an outstanding contribution to the Club.

2. Under the current Rules & By-laws Honorary Members have no vote and their numbers are limited to no more than five percent of the overall club membership This limit is now being reached

3. Several Honorary Members continue to play a very full part in the life of the Club. It seems wrong that such an active and experienced group have no vote.

4. Conversely some of the Cub's current Honorary Members are not very active and effectively exist in name only. They are however included in the five percent calculation and may effectively limit the Club's ability to award Honorary Membership to deserving candidates

5. It is therefore proposed that in future there be two categories of Honorary Member;

5.1. Those who continue to be active will be called Emeritus Members. They will have a vote and their number will be limited to no more than 5% of the total membership.

5.2. Those who are no longer active will be called Honorary Life Members. They will not have a vote and their numbers will not be limited. They will continue to have full use of the Club.

The Proposed New Rules And Bye-Laws Are As Follows

Rule 2.1 (e) Membership / Honorary Life Members.

Being persons, who shall be nominated and elected in the manner described in Para 4.5, who have delivered exceptional services to the Club over several years

Emeritus Members shall be members in good standing who are still active in the life of the Club. They shall have one vote each.

Honorary Life Members shall have no vote

Rule 4.5 Management Committee / Election of Emeritus & Honorary Life Members.

The Management Committee may nominate for election at an AGM such Emeritus and/or Honorary Life Members as it may think fit. Nominees for Emeritus Membership shall be members in good standing. The number of Emeritus Members at any time shall not exceed five percent of the total Full and adult Family Members. Nominations for Emeritus and Honorary Life Members shall be put to the vote at an AGM and shall be duly elected if two thirds of those present, and entitled to vote, are in favour.

General By-laws 7.2  Use of facilities.

Full, Family (including spouse and all children under eighteen), Junior, Social, Emeritus and Honorary Life Members shall have the use of The Club facilities subject to the requirements of Section 2 - Membership. Social members shall not have the use of the Club's boats or participate in waterborne activities.

AGM December 2007
Proposed amendments to AQSC Rules and By-laws concerning
Honorary Membership
also see Use of Club Safety Boats, AGM Notice