Quarter-deck Seating updated 11Nov07

This year there doesn't seem to any end to the work Bodgit and Son are doing to the Club; every week end there is something new.

Drainage channelEarlier in the year there was dampness in the foyer and this was identified as coming in over a gap behind the Clubhouse; water from the roof just dropped into an over grown earth channel.

At the last working party the channel was cleared out, dug deeper and lined with paving stones. Last weekend Bodgit and Son lined it with cement.

The new extension gets referred to by various name like patio and veranda; our Commodore feels a nautical term would be more appropriate and suggests that it is referred to as the Quarter-deck; part of the definition of a Quarter-deck is an entry point for personnel. Also the area where the flag pole is situated will be referred to as the Upper deck.

Pat Shore memorial bench

Quarterdeck seating

This weekend there were more major changes changes with capping stones and low level lighting added to the wall of the steps to the Quarter-deck and a big increase in the exterior seating.

There has been a seat built in to the wall at back of the Upper deck and a second one has been added. Matching seats have also been added to the wall at the back of the Quarter-deck. The Pat Shore Memorial bench has been moved to the river side of the Quarter-deck.