Mid Thames Trophy 28 April 2007

The Mid-Thames Trophy event is at Desborough SC on Saturday 28 April. Please support this event to help us regain the Trophy.

Any members wishing to compete should contact Richard Cannon on 01932 786636.

Bryan Clements should be towing boats there on Friday if any one would prefer to take their boat by water instead of by road.

Desborough SC is opposite Church Square Shepperton; go past Shepperton and turn left into Ferry Lane and left again. Multimap.

The Mid-Thames Trophy is an inter-club trophy involving Desborough SC, Littleton SC, Staines SC, Laleham SC, Hampton SC and Aquarius SC.

The following is provisional. Desborough SC will be open to visitors from 09:00, race briefing at 10:40 and first race start at 11:00.

The trophy will be 3 general handicap races (2 to count).

There is a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 boats from each club to club count towards the team prize.

The actual number of entrants to count towards the trophy (3, 4 or 5) will be determined by the minimum number of entrants by any one club.

In the event that any club cannot enter the minimum number of boats (3) to challenge for the Mid-Thames Trophy they are still invited to race for individual honours.

As is standard for the Mid-Thames Trophy the host’s, in this case Desborough SC, Open Meeting Instructions will be used. A copy of these can be made available on request.

The handicap adjustment for a two man dinghy being sailed single-handed should be minus 30.

Richard Cannon, Sailing Secretary, 01932 786636.