Please be aware that four 'pay as you use' lockers have been installed in the clubhouse foyer. These are intended for the use of members not having annually rented lockers in the changing rooms.

These lockers require a £1 coin to be inserted in mechanism on the back of the door. This will enable the door to be locked and the key removed.

When the locker door is re-opened after use the £1 coin will be refunded in the chute on the back of the door. (Note: If the key is lost the £1 will NOT be refunded but used towards the cost of cutting another key.)

Additional Lockers Updated 20Aug2011

Two additional conventional lockers have been installed in the Ladies changing room. Applications from ladies are invited for the annual rental of these at a cost of £5 each per year. Please contact Nigel Knowles if you wish to rent one of these.

 AQSC management Committee