Chrismas Serenade up[dated 23Dec07

On 22 December 12 members had some very enjoyable pre Christmas entertainment by Pat Halling’s Leonardo String Quartet, including Pat, Claire Griffin, Nigel Rowlands and Anne Lynes, at the Riverside Arts Centre, Lower Sunbury.

 The £5 entry fee was waived for Aquarius members. They were welcomed with a glass of mulled wine and mince pies. There was music by Vivaldi, Gershwin, Dvorak, Strauss, Anne Halling read Christmas by John Betjeman, and there were traditional Christmas favourites.

Anne Halling Leonardo String Quartet

The Leonardo String Quartet                  Anne Halling

Graham and Eiko Thompson   Mike & Lyn Baker   Nigel Knowles  Liz Archer  George & Joan Bray      Rodger & Linda Wheeler

AQSC members at Christmas Serenade