Bewl Valley Sailing Club Visit 25 May 2009 Story - Richard Cannon

Although the weather forecast looked good for the visit to Bewl (dry with a 10 knt wind) many members were only ‘maybe coming’ which made it very difficult to plan boat requirement and availability.

There was family sailing at Bewl, not an Open Regatta with racing, so we were going as guests and it was ideal for novices to experience sailing on a large expanse of open water.

Around 17 members went to Bewl with 4 boats; 10 for the first time and 5 novices. Everyone sailed who wanted to.

Unfortunately the weather was nothing like the forecast. It rained all the way there, but fortunately it stopped as we arrived, and it remained dry until we were packing up.

BUT the lack of wind at Aquarius infected Bewl and it was very light and patchy. At first the wind was just right for Liz to helm Richard’s SigneT to the nature reserve but then the wind dropped to zero and it took a long time to get back.

With the light wind Richard let new youth members Imogen and Edmund Morris take his SigneT out, even though they had never sailed it on their own before, while he had lunch.

The conditions were ideal for Grant’s children and they loved going out on their own in the afternoon.

The children also loved the extensive play area with a slide built into the side of a hill and all the equipment  built of logs, including log cabins.

Normally sailing at Bewl continues until 18 hrs but it was stopped at 16:30 due to danger from lightning. It rained all the way home.

Although some members would have liked more wind it was ideal for others and all enjoyed themselves.

Members Visiting Bewl

With Boat

ST368  Richard Cannon/Liz Archer

Bos485  Rodger Wheeler/John Neale

ST858  Keith & Madeline Hatton

Solsa  Grant, Joanna & Rowena Guildford

Without Boat

Frank & Anne Rainsborough, Noah Ashworth

Michael Chipps

Andrew, Lorna, Edmund & Imogen Morris