Valentines Lunch at Mr Wong

I think it was Diana who suggested that the Aquarius ladies would appreciate a 'romantic' lunch out, and it was Rodger who recommended the venue and got things organised. Now I know that Mr.Wong doesn't exactly sound as whimsical as say Charlie Chan's or Fu Manchu's but then they weren't noted for their cooking.

Mr. Wong is located in beautiful downtown Molesey but when Lyn & I arrived at midday on Sunday 16 February he must still have been in bed so we went to the pet shop! I had a very entertaining conversation with a parrot. I said hello and he said hello back. I really started getting the hang of this when I said goodbye and got a goodbye in return. At this point Lyn started feeling neglected and dragged me out of the place!

By the time we got back to the restaurant Mrs.Wong (well I assume it was Mrs.Wong) had opened up and Aquarius type people started arriving. Rodger ordered some oriental nibbles and non oriental wine and things started warming up. Several bottles of wine and lot of food later we decided that Mr.Wong, far from being inscrutable, definitely knew how to scramble his noodles and crisp up his ducks. My personal favourite was the seafood but I could tell that Madeline was really turned on by the orange sorbet (Menu).

We never did get to see Mr.Wong but Mrs and number one daughter looked after us very well. Many thanks to Rodger for organizing things; no doubt, prompted by the ladies, we shall do it again some time.

Mike (One Hung Low) Baker