A long time ago Rodger Wheeler suggested that as the 2004 Valentines Day fell on a Saturday the Gentlemen of the Club put on a special dinner for the Ladies of the Club. I wouldn’t have believed it was possible to do what was achieved. Rodger was the mastermind behind the idea and the planning.
Prior to the event a great deal of work was done by Rodger and Nigel Knowles, including making 5 large tables that will be very useful for future events.
Rodger made sure that the ladies knew nothing of the details, and the gentlemen knew little either. Rodger couldn’t attend the January committee meeting but left a 2 page list of actions required for the dinner!! The enormity of it all didn’t really become apparent until the day.
The club house was lavishly decorated with heart themes. The new tables were laid up with the places settings loaned by members and there was the small matter of preparing and cooking the food for 42 guests.
Peter Carpenter prepared the potatoes hidden away in the bar while Mike Baker and Keith Hatton were in the kitchen preparing and cooking the rest of the main course. Many other gentlemen were involved with other tasks.
Nothing was pre-prepared or microwaved and only fresh vegetables were used. It is amazing that all the food was
Valetine Musical heart24x26.gif Diner Dansant on February 14 2004
cooked at the club except for the onions and peppers which were done at Richard Cannon’s house.

On arrival each lady was welcomed by Rodger and presented with a carnation and there was a choice of aperitifs.
The Champagne Dinner was superb and rivaled any professionally prepared diner. I don’t know how the gentlemen cooking and serving managed to get their meal.
During the meal there was a musical interlude including the singing of ‘Thank Heavens for Little Girls’
Following the meal a brilliant cabaret was provided by Pat Halling on the Violin, Michael Leigh on a Piano and Anne Halling  reciting poetry.
Dancing was scheduled to start at 10:30 but the encores didn’t finish until midnight and dancing continued until 2:00
Near the end there was an impromptu singing of ‘For he is a jolly good fellow’ for Rodger.
The cost for this superb evening
A typical table with guests arriving
Rodger Wheeler ready to welcom guests
Rodger ready to welcome guests

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Nigel Knowles serving a sparkling Gateau
Nigel serving a sparkling gateau