Regatta, Signet Open Meeting and Jazz/BBQ 2003

The Jazz band 2003

On 28-29 June the Aquarius Regatta, Signet Open meeting and Jazz/BBQ evening were very successful, helped by the fine weather.

On Saturday there was little wind but as it was dry and warm this suited the non sailors. There were 5 club and 4 other Signets. Signet and regatta racing was combined. Graham Thompson sailed his Harrier for the first time although he was the only non Signet as other helm were crewing in Signets. Signet 761 helmed by Hawker mate Roy Melsom streaked away to win the first two races giving him the Signet Himley Bell.

There were more people at the jazz/BBQ than we have had for many years, we couldn’t have better weather and it was most enjoyable.

There was a perfect 8 to 10 knot E wind on Sunday. With such good conditions the last race was also sailed for the Cundy long distance trophy going up to Sunbury. The safety boat lead the fleet upstream and after a suitable time dropped the mark at River Mead Island.

Following tradition the last fun event resulted in entrants getting very wet as any method of propulsion was used to get round with any number on a boat.

Regatta 2003 laser 6 up about to capsize

Laser about to go over with 6 up