The Palm Court
25 Oct 2005

A trio of violin, cello and piano playing in the light of standard lamps amid the potted plants with a candelabra and trailing ivy on the piano for good measure. Delicate cucumber sandwiches... scones, jam and whipped cream... little catherine wheel sandwiches... butterfly cakes.... cream gateaux and many other delicacies - a beautiful spread. Yes, in the style of tea at the Ritz, Aquarius became the Palm Court.
We were treated to outstanding performances by Pat Halling's Palm Court Trio. Pat led us through the history of the Palm Court with music to match. Robin really made the cello sing with Saint Saens' "Swan" from the Carnival of the Animals. Mandy has a lovely voice and sung at Aquarius for the first time. Mike on piano was a treat as usual. John and Anne were persuaded to demonstrate the Viennese Waltz to the strains of the Merry Widow, and many of us took to the floor to dance to a reprise at the end of the concert.
The spread of food which followed was a real picture. Many thanks to Diana, Janet, Linda and Pat. Thanks also to the unsung heroes, Peter behind the bar, and Stuart who did everything from setting out the club beforehand to tidying up the next day. Stuart was also official photographer. Watch the website for some pics.
The Palm Court Group
Mike and Mandy