The Open Weekend 2003

For the 17 & 18 May there was a terrible weather forecast and the FA Cup final was on Saturday afternoon; there were few visitors on Saturday. Conditions were as bad as forecast with an extremely strong, fluky & gusty S wind and raining in the afternoon. There was a very good turn out of members (21) who had great BBQ food for lunch and a TV to watch the football.

On Sunday the wind was nearly as bad but at least it remained dry and we had many more visitor ranging from an 11 year old girl, and 2 lads who loved the exciting sail to a Chinese student who had never even seen a sailing dinghy before but still had a short sail.

The reefed Bosun was ideal for the conditions and Graham Thompson and others were kept very busy taking visitors out for a sail. We expect to get several new members.

Bosun with Karen Grey on Open day 2003