Mid Thames Trophy 11 Sep 2004 updated 14Sep04

The Aquarius SC Team Triumphed at Staines SC to win the Mid Thames Trophy by a big margin, 46 points to 103 for SSC.


This event was originally held on 1 May but abandoned due to high current and no wind. The re-run was in complete contrast with a 10 to 15 knot, gust 20, S to SW wind; their best best direction straight upstream.

The victorious Aquarius team was Richard Cannon in his Signet crewed by Bryan Clements, Charles Dennis and Nigel Knowles in their Lasers, and GrahamThompson in his Bosun.

They had the roughest conditions there have been on the river for a long time; very strong gusts and large rapid shifts. At SSC the river runs N to S and is narrower than at AQSC. As soon as he launched Richard started planing across the river and was very surprised when a very strong gust capsized him before he had reached half way; he couldn’t have been sailing for more than 10 seconds. On looking around Bryan was capsized in his Graduate. Bryan made the sensible decision to Crew for Richard.

The port rounding course had just 2 marks. The start was very hectic with 11 boats, the narrow river and the strong gusty wind conditions; Richard lost his very good start in the first race due to having to do a penalty for catching an Enterprise with his boom before the start. AQSC took the first 3 places in the first race, 1st in the 2nd race, 1st and 2nd in the last race.

The 2nd race was extremely rough and there were 4 retirements. Richard capsized but still won, Graham stopped to reef his Bosun during the race, Nigel and Charles lost count of their capsizes; Charles had a spectacular capsize at the leeward mark, passed it the wrong side and hit it while capsized.

The wind moderated for the last race and it was a much more pleasant sail; Richard led for the first lap and Charles and Richard were well ahead of the fleet for the rest of the race.

Well done the AQSC team for winning the trophy; the home team has won the previous 3 years.