Fly Tipping updated 27Oct05
Fly tipping at the entrance has become a major problem over the last few months. A few weeks ago the BBC ‘Rogue Traders’ program covered the horrendous problem of fly tipping that we are experiencing.

At first it was relatively small items but then around 150 tyres on wheels were dumped. Before they were removed a second lot were dumped right in front of our gate; they had to be moved before we could get in. The neatly stacked wheels on the right are some of the ones moved, there are a lot more out side of the picture; it was hard work moving that number of wheels.

Soon after Thames Water removed the tyres piles of tree cuttings were dumped in front of the gates.

We expect a gate to be fitted nearer the road, probably where there used to be a gate, in an attempt to stop the fly tipping. There should be  two locks; our existing keys will fit one of them.