August Bank Holiday 27-28 August 2006
Sunday 27 August
There will be fun racing or a cruise at Aquarius.
The AQSC programme is WRONG saying there is a Signet Open meeting at Littleton Sailing Club; it is on Sunday 3rd September.

Bewl Autumn Regatta Monday 28 August
On the August Bank Holiday Monday there is an Open Regatta event at Bewl Valley SC with pursuit races that AQSC will be supporting. All members are invited to come along. The first start is around 11:00.
The entry fee should be around £6 for single hander and £12 for two hander boats.
If you may come to Bewl please ring Richard on 01932 786636.
Bewl Water is a beautiful 900 Acre reservoir three miles long in the natural surroundings of the Kent countryside.  Apart from a sailing club with 1200 boats there is fishing, a nature reserve, nature trails, walks and a very well equipped children's play area. This is the largest bit of water in South East England just past Lamberhurst on the A21 Hastings road; about one hour travel from the Kingston By-pass.  The reservoir has a length of about 5 miles.
At the entrance mention Sailing Regatta to avoid the car park fee and then in a few yards turn right to go to the sailing club. There is limited parking on the road behind the club and unless you are early you will need to park in the car park on the right just before you reach the exit gate from the club.
The club does the usual snacks and there are good local pubs for evening food.
Although the Club has about 1200 boats there are only about 50 boats out and the individual starts are small.
There is a Bewl leaflet on the club notice board.
Richard Cannon
Sailing Secretary 01932 786636
During the planning of visits to Bewl it is difficult to ensure that the number and types of boats match the number and ability of helm and crew so every one has an enjoyable sail; we often don’t know who will be going until the last minute and the weather is a big factor. This year every thing ended up just about perfect to give a marvellous Monday for 15 Aquarius members with 5 boats.
The weather forecast was for a 15 mph wind with a very wet morning; fortunately the rain cleared up before packing to leave at 7:30 am.
Nigel Knowles was expecting to bring two Lasers, his and a club one, but unfortunately was unable to come.
On Friday Richard Cannon had a phone call from Anna Iremonger to say she would be coming, her first time, but she couldn’t bring her Laser; Richard managed to find the supports he had made years ago for mounting a Laser on top of his Signet so was able to take it. Liz Archer crewed for Richard.
Mike Baker took his Signet and Keith Hatton crewed for him with Lyn, Madeline, and Laurie Bridges coming as supporters.
Rodger Wheeler decided the Bosun would suit the conditions and also took masts and booms for the Laser, Pico, and Richard’s Signet; Graham Thompson crewed.
New members Simon and Hanna Lunniss, with the rest of the family Oonie, Robbie and Dominic were coming; they decided the club Pico would be their best option and fortunately they had a substantial roof rack on the car that was suitable for the Pico; the Pico proved to be an excellent choice.
The journey was extremely easy with no jams and only 75 minutes from Hampton; not typical bank Monday holiday traffic.
Pursuit races were scheduled lasting 2 hours from the 10:30 start with the faster boats starting later; the Signets, with a PYS of 1265, were the first boats away at 10:58 as Simon decided not to join the racing. A Laser 4000, PYS of 908, was the last boat away at 11:24. There were only 25 entries and 5 of those were Aquarius boats!!
The course used nearly all the marks and, following Mike Baker’s example on Sunday, had many gybe marks; a lap took about 40 minutes.
The start was a bit earlier than expected and Richard arrived at the start about 6 minutes late; the time absolutely flies by when rigging boats for a race. He very nearly capsized at the start line.
The forecast of a 15 mph wind was about right, but for Bewl it was very shifty and variable. The sailing was very exhilarating, especially when half way through there was a hail storm with gusts of up to 30 mph. The race ended with practically no wind and Richard even used the spinnaker. There were 5 retirements which included Anna after a capsize; although it was too windy for her weight, ability and lack of practice she really enjoyed the sail.
For lunch there was a hog roast with a whole pig being carved.
The afternoon race had similar conditions without the extremes. Richard was following Keith and then was convinced he had missed mark B, the third one, so Richard stopped following Keith to mark N, diverted to B and met Rodger; WRONG decision it seems he had already been to B. The rest of the race was spent with close racing against Rodger instead of Keith. Well done Keith winning the Ton-up trophy for the leading boat with helm + crew ages = 100 or more.
Simon, Hannah and family had a great time on the Pico and did very well not to capsize; they learnt a great deal. They also explored the adventure playground made of all natural materials.
To finish off an excellent day most stopped of at the Grasshopper Pub, just past Westerham on the A25, for a carvery dinner on the way home; this pub has a very large car park so there is no problem having a number of boats.
The next day I was still absolutely shattered.